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Golden mylk has been a classic blend of spices traditionally combined to invigorate metabolism, increase digestive function, combat inflammation and support overall health. The Harmonic Arts version of golden mylk offers the added benefit of high quality organic superfood ingredients infused with a creamy coconut and lucuma base, making it easy to stir into hot water or add to your favourite tea.

What makes their Golden Mylk more suitable than other Turmeric based beverages?

As you may know, Turmeric has become a herb of legendary status in the modern age, when you look at all the studies and clinical application it has shown benefit in, it’s a virtual panacea! It lends support to a huge variety of imbalances in the body systems.

The Curcumin (an active compound found in Turmeric) becomes more bioavailable and stays in the system longer when pepper is added. Traditionally this is a black pepper, though we have chosen to use a White Pepper, as it is not only a higher quality pepper, it also has a better flavour, is more consistent in piperine (an active compound) content, and keeps the colour of this blend looking like a golden sunrise.

They add Ginger as it is an age old ally of turmeric that helps increase the circulation and stimulates blood flow through the body giving this blend further reach and added benefits.

Gelatinized Maca gives our Golden Mylk a deeper level of stress, energy and hormone support as well as its flavours marry well with those of the spicy trio of Turmeric, Ginger and Pepper.

Lastly, the rich and creamy base of Coconut Cream and Lucuma powder in this blend makes it easy to stir into hot water, or your favourite tea, and tastes as though you added some nice mylk to your drink. Plus the added fat helps the overall absorption and emulsification.

Collectively these ingredients make a drink that is sure to satisfy, and add some major health enhancing power to your stride.

Suggested use: 1 to 2 tablespoons stirred into 12oz of hot water, warmed up milk/mylk or Herbal tea. To make a tasty golden mylk elixir, simply add coconut oil, sweetener and blend with hot liquid of choice. When making Golden Mylk you will notice some sediment at the bottom. This can be mixed in and drank, re-brewed as a 1/2 batch or tossed.

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