Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt with BC Kelp

300 grams Bulk Bag

$ 10.00

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Gathering Place’s sun & wind dried, hand-harvested sea salt originates from the Antarctic Ocean. Ocean water flows into a deep aquifer, through layers of shells, increasing the abundance of minerals and naturally purifying the water. This pristine brine is pumped into the drying pans where perfect salt crystals are harvested by our fair trade partners in South Africa.

Sustainably wildcrafted BC Kelp with sea salt will elevate every meal, naturally adding trace minerals and iodine, as nature intended. This value packed bag fills our grinder 3 times!

Pure Ocean Aquifer sea salt and BC Kelp blend in a functional, elegant grinder bottle that is re-fillable and will last for years of daily use. These handy grinder bottles are wonderfully portable for picnics, camping, or boating.

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