Sprouted Almond Pumpkin Cheeze

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Sprouted Organic Vegan MUNCHeez

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Highly addictive Low Carbohydrate Snack!

A Zesty Salad Topper? Savoury Clustered Snacking Mix? Shelf Stable Crumbly Vegan Cheeze?

Yep ~ all of the above!

Made with our unique Double Dried process. First we activate the almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds by soaking them to release digestive inhibitors, phytic acid and lectins bringing them to life and making their unique nutrients much more bioavailable. Low Carbohydrate & Ketogenic friendly!

Then we slow dry these at low temperatures before we slather them with the prefect blend of whole food ingredients and slow dry one more time. This ensures a crispy shelf stable flavour sensation!!

Ingredients: *Sprouted Almonds, *Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, *Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt, * ORGANIC


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1 review for Sprouted Almond Pumpkin Cheeze

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    My daughter bought this & I loved it… Time to order my own 🙂

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