Locally sourced Seasonally Inspired Whole Food Catering

Keep the Vibe Alive with
Whole Food Nourishment

We specialize in Gourmet Vegan & Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Living Food Catering for Retreats & Gatherings. Pescetarian, Paleo, Ketogenic, Omnivore…. Together we will create a menu based on your needs. If you are looking for high vibration meals made with LOVE,  you have landed in the right Garden!

Our Food Philosophy

At hOMe Grown we love nourishing people on all levels. Infusing hints of ancient wisdom with a splash of creative food goodness, we will ensure that your next offering is satiating to the body, mind and spirit.

Our ancestors ate according to seasonally availability. We honour this timeless approach, connecting with the Earth and our natural environment. Globally inspired flavours and locally sourced ingredients help us to embrace our surroundings and create memorable meals.

Much of the produce served at our summer and autumn meals on Vancouver Island is lovingly grown on our farm in the Cowichan Valley. We plant Heritage and open-pollinating seeds and allow ‘volunteers’ to grow wild. This guarantees a garden continuously filled with the nutritious wonders of our natural environment.

Most people’s digestion responds positively to the high nutrient content of sprouted & fermented foods. Live foods ensure we are provided with the life-enriching enzymes essential for digestion and assimilation. Only fresh, Local and Organic ingredients are used in the hOMe Grown Kitchen.

Living Foods

hOMe Grown Catering incorporates many fresh “Living Food” dishes that we mindfully prepare for you with love. We introduce super foods such as Seaweed, Hemp & Chia Seeds, Raw Cacao and fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Keifir Soda to encourage optimal digestion and whole body nourishment. These philosophies are combined with Ayurvedic concepts to fuel your body with the most nutritional and balanced ingredients.

We believe in supplying the tools to enhance your daily life through proper nutrition. If requested, a cooking class can be offered to share simple preparation of healthy meals and take home recipes with your guests.

With a cup full of love we look forward to sharing with you and your guests!

– The hOMe Grown Catering Team