Where it all Began

Shani’s Story It has been a great honour to be at the helm of the hOMe Grown Living Foods Ship since our conception in 2008. What started as a genuine …

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Low Carbohydrate bake-at-home mixes.

Delicious, simple to make bread or buns, cookies, burgers and pizza crust. Just add oil and water, shape and bake!


The KETOGENIC diet is a low-carb, high-fat and moderate protein diet that originated as a tool for treating neurological diseases. This way of eating switches our body’s fuel source from glucose to fat.

Scientific research has shown that a Keto diet has a wide range of health benefits including: weight loss, stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, increased energy and mental clarity.

Our Founder, Shani Cranston follows this way of eating to manage her Type 1 Diabetes These delicious Keto U-Bake products were developed in her kitchen to encourage healthy low carb choices.