KETO U Bake Veggie Burgers!!!

It’s BBQ Season and you have guests coming to enjoy your company, yummy food and the great outdoors…… What do you serve them? Are they Vegetarian? Vegan? Do they have …

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Low Carbohydrate bake-at-home mixes.

Delicious, simple to make bread or buns, cookies, burgers and pizza crust. Just add oil and water, shape and bake!


The KETOGENIC diet is a low-carb, high-fat and moderate protein diet that originated as a tool for treating neurological diseases. This way of eating switches our body’s fuel source from glucose to fat.

Scientific research has shown that a Keto diet has a wide range of health benefits including: weight loss, stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, increased energy and mental clarity.

Our Founder, Shani Cranston follows this way of eating to manage her Type 1 Diabetes These delicious Keto U-Bake products were developed in her kitchen to encourage healthy low carb choices.