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Sprouting activates dormant energy in nuts and seeds.  Minimizing lectins and phytic acid, sprouting also neutralizing digestive inhibitors. Sprouted foods have multiple times more bio available nutrients & enzymes. Our sprouting process eases digestion, increases Energy and Vitality.

Keep the Vibe Alive!

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Step 1

Introduce Water to activate Life Force

Step 2

Alive & Activated. Rinse away impurities

Step 3

Dehydrate Low & Slow ~ Back to Shelf Stable

hOMe Grown Living Foods Sproted Organic Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds

Sprouting = Delicious crunchy texture that satisfies and nourishes!

Slow & Low

Most hOMe Grown products are SLOWLY dehydrated at LOW temperatures to preserve their Natural Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals which are destroyed during high heat processing. What we eat is important, but what we digest and assimilate is a key to good HEALTH!

Gluten Free

All our ingredients are naturally Gluten Free and we test them to ensure that cross contamination is not an issue. Your health and safety is our #1 PRIORITY!

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Paleo Friendly

The Paleo approach to eating is based on the notion that for optimal health, we should eat real, whole unprocesed foods. Being Grain Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and made of Sprouted Nuts, Seeds, Fruit and Veggies, hOMe Grown meets the Paleo Guidelines.

Choco Almond Maca Muncheez

No Refined

We use Organic BC Grown apples & Organic dates. These whole foods are coupled with sprouted proteins to ensure no blood sugar spikes come to haunt you after eating a whole bag of hOMe Grown.  IT HAPPENS!

Plant Based

Everything we make is Vegan. No animal-derived ingredients are used in the creation of any of our products…..Ever!

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