At hOMe we believe in the Power of Food as medicine and offer the most Bio Available, plant-based, nutrient-dense snacks with NO added sugar or preservatives. Just 100% Farm to Shelf Whole Food Nourishment from our hOMe to yours.

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Since 2008 hOMe Grown products have been Handcrafted in small batches, deep in the forest on Vancouver Island. Everything we produce is gluten, grain & dairy free, naturally plant-based and low-carb.

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Low and Slow is How We Go…..

Hand made in Small Batches on our Farm on Vancouver Island. Dehydrated at low temperatures for up to 36 hours maximizes life force & enhances flavour & texture. We take our time because you are WORTH IT!


Eat Well ~ Feel Well

Sprouted Whole Food Ingredients strengthen our microbiome and improve gut health. Our Organic nuts and seeds are germinated to release digestive inhibitors, neutralize lectins & phytic acid & increase bio availability. And they TASTE BETTER!

Your Body Will Thank You!

Some of our key Organic Ingredients – Canadian hemp, sprouted flax, sprouted chia and raw cacao,  have superfood status for their nutrient density and ability to optimize HEALTH!

* Sprouted * Organic * Keto * Plant Based * Gluten & Grain Free *


Let’s make baking quick & foolproof with our Easy U-bake mixes. By the time your oven is preheated you are ready to bake. Just Add Water! School lunches and snacks are quick and easy with allergen-free keto buns, crackers and cookies.


Grab n’ Go whole food snacks to fuel your active lifestyle. Trail mixes, salad toppers & cereals. Uplevel your next salad or pizza with Sprouted Walnut Sunflower Cheeze.  Sweet tooth? Try our Chocolate Hemp Walnuts.


Providing gut healthy ingredients to create healthy whole food meals. Become more resilient & increase vitality with organic Superfoods as part of your diet. Try some of our favourite recipes like Golden Goji Granola, Carrot Top Pesto or Keto Veggie Burgers.


Tried & loved by families and health advocates since 2008 ~ here is what our community has to say:

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Q: Are your products paleo-friendly?


Being grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and made from sprouted nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies, hOMe Grown meets the Paleo guidelines.