Giving Back: IRSSS

Indian Residential School Survivor Society

Because giving is so important to us and something we are blessed as a business to do, we partnered with One Day’s Pay.

One Days Pay is one of those organizations doing just that. We are proud to share some information and awareness about them here.

There is a renewed conversation about Indigenous communities in Canada, and how to “reconcile” for the past. And these conversations are necessary, meaningful, and are part of how we move ahead. The importance of this is so well known that the Canadian Government recently declared a Federal holiday.

One Day’s Pay: Who We Are

We are a small group of 5 friends and colleagues, both settlers and newcomers. We wanted to do more than reflect on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – we wanted to act.  But we knew we were not alone in this.  The One Day’s Pay Team come from education, arts and entertainment, communications, philanthropy and design. 

The One Days Pay campaign relied on people who stepped forward and volunteered. From creating the branding to providing space, equipment, and labour for production.

Reflect. Then Act.

On the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation give one day’s pay to support Indigenous projects, movements, organizations and nations.

And One Day’s Pay is an invitation to all Canadians to meaningfully recognize this new federal statutory ‘holiday’ with more than reflection. It’s an invitation to citizens, organizations, businesses, and communities to act. By giving one day’s pay – or an amount of their choice – to Indigenous-led projects, movements, organizations and nations. 

One Day. One Step.

Because many Indigenous-led projects, organizations and movements aren’t eligible as registered charities or choose not to seek charitable status. One Day’s Pay invites those who can to give generously, abundantly, and without restriction. That includes giving without requiring a charitable tax receipt.

Find out more HERE on how to donate to this organization.

To read about other Indigenous organizations we have partnered with in the past you can read HERE.

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