Spring has Sprung

May 2022

Spring Nettle Tonic

This nourishing soup is best made in early spring when the first nettles appear. With the cold spring we have been experiencing, there are still lots of nettles to harvest. GET OUT THERE!!!
Cashews add a decadent creaminess that appeals to vegans and dairy lovers alike.

It has been a cold wet spring here on the coast of Vancouver Island. We can feel a bit ‘behind” in the Garden, but fear not, summer is just around the corner and there are some ways to extend the growing season……

1. Once you plant seeds, cover them with floating row cover. This helps to extend the season by warming the soil and protects the seedlings from insects and wind. It also increases germination.

2. Support your local Farmer by purchasing healthy starts.

3. Build raised beds. The soil in raised beds warms faster in the spring, and stays warmer in the fall, allowing you to extend your harvest period. Because the soil is elevated above ground, drainage is also improved

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