Local Love Series: The Purposeful You

The woman behind the vision of sustainable living and lifestyle

The Purposeful You is a sustainable living and lifestyle blog that offers tips, tricks and more to live a life on purpose.

We are SO excited to bring this segment to life and introduce another incredible sustainable living, gardening, and all things environmental friendly advocate.

Tasha serves her local and global community with tips and information on living with the environment in mind, and offering easy ways to live mindfully.

Because it can feel overwhelming to make the change from mind-less to mindful consumption, we are loving all the tips she has to share.

Woman in her kitchen with freshly baked bread and squash from the garden on the counter.

If you have been around hOME for a while it comes as no surprise that we LOVE all things natural, local and sustainable. And we love nothing more than finding and sharing brands and businesses that will change your life, AND help change the world.

Meet Tasha, the powerhouse behind the brand The Purposeful You.

Tasha turned sustainable living into a business focusing on mindful consumption and bite size lifestyle changes. Curating a brand that comes to life in such a way that makes up-cycled living look sexy.

How it came to be a lifestyle

Tell us about your brand and what you specialize in?

Our brand is called The Purposeful You. We inspire purposeful choices in daily life that positively impact well-being, animals and the planet. Two years ago my husband and I started our conscious living journey.

Because knowledge is power, we began sharing about non toxic cleaning products, eco conscious parenting and more. Together we bring you what we know about all things sustainable in your home, garden, family and travels.

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What is your WHY?

Our WHY is empowering others to live their best life.

Because a purposeful life means different things for different people, we cover all things purposeful to inspire others to live a meaningful life every day.

No one is perfect. And life is about the journey, feeling good for yourself and doing good for the planet.

Our 2 year old son is a big inspiration for us to leave this planet better than how we came into it. 

What is your favourite homemade meal?

Chard cakes! We grow chard all year long in our garden and this is honestly our favourite meal in the house. Add a fresh salad on the side or roasted veggies and you’re good to go.

Find our recipe for chard cakes HERE.

Woman holding fresh organic garlic picked from her garden

Why she keeps going and growing

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

Knowing I am doing something I love and am passionate about each day.

I have created my dream job and lifestyle (leaving my job of 8 years for this passion). Creating and serving our community fills me up every day.

When I get messages saying ‘WOW thank you for this, I had no idea” I am empowered to keep sharing purposeful & sustainable living ideas, tricks, and more!

How do you nourish your body?

Quality food with a focus on organic has always been a priority for our family during the last 13 years.

We stopped eating meat over 4 years ago and are working towards more of a strictly plant based diet now. We see the value in gardening and growing food to nourish us.

Growing a vegetable garden is one of the most rewarding, therapeutic and satisfying things we do and we are fortunate to have space for gardening.

What words do you live by?

Leading by example is one of the most powerful and influential things you can do.

 Do you have any upcoming offerings we can share with our Collective?

Our Collab products with ASH Refillery have TWO weeks left to purchase. Lavender Lotion Bar + Peppermint & lemon. Small batches made in Victoria B.C – perfect for the gardener in your life! 🙂 You can place your order HERE

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