KETO U Bake Veggie Burgers!!!

It’s BBQ Season and you have guests coming to enjoy your company, yummy food and the great outdoors…… What do you serve them? Are they Vegetarian? Vegan? Do they have allergies to nuts or gluten? Are they still on that ‘KETO DIET?’

Whether any of the above are true OR you just want an easy whole food, plant based option to serve along side the meat, we gotcha covered! Our Keto U Bake Veggie Burger mixes are SO EASY to whip up, they will become your GO TO for quick wholesome meals.

Two flavours to choose from: Pumpkin Turmeric or Sunflower Mushroom. The binders are Sprouted Flax, Sprouted Chia and Psyllium, so even your Vegan friends will be nourished. Simply add water and finely chopped veggies of your choice to the entire contents of the bag. Scoop Shape & Bake!

We like to make them quite flat for the best results and quicker cooking time. If you are BBQ’ing to finish, leave them a bit thicker!

Once they are baked, they keep for up to a week in the fridge, longer in the freezer! To reheat, throw them on the BBQ for a few minutes OR sauté in coconut or avocado oil.

U-Bake Veggie Burgers

Some of our Favourite Combinations and Suggested Uses:

Sunflower Mushroom with leftover salmon, fresh dill and green onion Or grated carrots, beets and herbs (not strict keto)

Pumpkin Turmeric with roasted cauliflower, cilantro and kale OR grated turnip, zucchini and shallot

Keto Sliders = Pair with our U-Bake Keto Buns , pesto, chipotle mayo, sauerkraut and sprouts for the Ultimate Ketogenic Slider.

Keto Croutons = Crumble & fry in coconut oil and sprinkle on a salad or use as a topping for our Keto Pizzas!

Use as a ‘Shake & Bake’ Coating for your favourite fish or meat.

Suff into a pita pocket with hummus and fresh veggies.

Top our Pizza Crust with the croutons above.

Use as a Hamburger Helper when you need a helping hand…….Try either flavour with grass fed ground beef, turkey or lamb. No need for egg or bread crumbs. These mixes will elevate your Burgers!!

We created these easy to make burger mixes to get you cooking! Use them as a base and let your Inner Chef SHINE!!! Please share your creations with us by tagging @homegrownlivingfoods on Social Media.

We hope you love these as much as we do ~ YUM YUM!

BBQ Keto Veggie Burgers

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