New Product Alert – Working with Walnuts

Walnut Pumpkin Cheese, Spiced Walnut and Chocolate Hemp Walnut clusters

Lately we have been talking a lot about walnuts, read on to find out why.

We have committed to an entire crop of DRY FARMED Walnuts from David Bailey’s Farm in Paso Robles, Central California.

This crop has inspired us to create some new products! Introducing:




Why Dry Farmed Walnuts??

You are what you eat we have been told. So if that’s the case, we want to ensure we are eating what’s best for our bodies and brains. Walnuts have long been described as a powerful brain food (the shape alone tells us that). And these days there are lots of things pulling away from our brain power! Because of that, we want to offer something to support ultimate brain health.

Dry farmed walnut groves with the sun shining through the trees.

With water in such high demand and shorter supply around the world, we chose DRY farmed walnuts for sustainability reasons. Learn more about DRY FARMING.

If we don’t have sustainable living and farming practices in place, we will lose so much of what we love in nature. Understanding the devastation of droughts globally, we are committed to being solution oriented in our products and purchases.

Why NOW?

When you know better you do better. It is that simple really. And because we know how precarious our water storage is, especially in farming, we are opting to do what we can where we can.

And if we can embody nature’s intelligence, give more than we take from earth and each other, we will continue to live harmoniously.

Since beginning HGLF we have been committed to using what is already available as much as we can. And that is why our production facility is made from recycled shipping containers.

By using what is available, we take less from the earth, leaving more to regenerate for the future generations.

Wild fires, climate crisis, droughts, and clean water are all areas affected by unsustainable products and practices. So at hOMe we have doubled our efforts to bring awareness to consumers on how we can be solution oriented.

Dry farmed walnut groves being harvested. Long lush green grass surrounds harvesting equipment.

The best time to start making changes was years ago, the second best time is NOW. Because we know better we have committed to doing better and sharing that process with you.

What can YOU do?

If you enjoy walnuts and haven’t yet tried them dry farmed you can try them NOW. They are available both sprouted and un-sprouted.

By being mindful of the resources used to create what you consume, you can make choices that support sustainability. And when you shop according to your values, you are creating change with your money.

Follow accounts that offer ways to reduce your carbon footprint, we enjoy the The Purposeful You for life hacks and up-cycled living.

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