Local Love Series: Harmonic Arts

About Angela

Meet Angela Willard – Clinical Herbalist and Co-Founder of Harmonic Arts. 

Angela enjoys wild-crafting, herbal consulting and sharing her love of plants with others. She finds balance in nurturing Harmonic Arts’ vision while raising a young family.

 Tell us about your brand and what you specialize in

We are a family-owned, grassroots plant medicine company, with a passion for sharing the healing power of plants. As clinical herbalists, we recognized a gap in the availability of high-quality, herbalist formulated plant medicines, so my partner Yarrow and I set out on a path to share herbal medicine. 

Today, Harmonic Arts specializes in formulating a wide array of potent and easy-to-use plant medicines designed to maintain and nurture vibrant health. 

Because we consider our impact in everything we do, our team works diligently to continually strengthen our ingredient sources. We partner with farmers and producers who share our commitment to quality, sustainability and ethics, knowing that health is cultivated in forest and field all the way to our end product.

What is your WHY

Since the very beginning, supporting the best health of people and the planet has been at the heart of what we do. Our mission of sharing the healing power of plants goes hand-in-hand with finding ways to heal our planet. 

Our passion for plants leads us to develop innovative herbal medicines in a planet-loving way, like prioritizing sustainable packaging and donating a portion of profits to forest conservation. 

We are proud to practice business in a responsible, holistic manner in all aspects, agreements and offerings. Through our sourcing practices, sustainability initiatives and herbal products, we hope to impact the regeneration of health on every level. 

What is your favourite homemade meal

Lately, my favourite homemade meal includes what is fresh and abundant in the garden, over a bowl of whole grains, smothered in miso garlic gravy. In our household, we love playing with variations of the buddha bowl. This nourishing meal keeps us running at our best to attend to the fullness we’ve created in life!

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis

My passions are my purpose, and receiving love for the work I do, keeps me energized and focused on daily steps towards my vision of a vital, peaceful and responsible world.

 How do you nourish your body

Because I understand the whole-body connection, I take care to move and sweat daily. I attend to mental health practices by leaning into community resources and nurture the loving relationships in my life. Above all else, I stay grounded by spending time in the garden communing with my food and the land.

What words do you live by

Love This Life.

Do you have any upcoming new product alerts or projects you are working on that we can share with our Collective

We are releasing our newly branded Artisan Tea Collection in the new year! 

Our new compostable packaging is as lovely as the sipping experience, and we hope many hands and hearts find comfort in their soothing nature. 

We also have new therapeutic products currently in the formulation process. We are excitedly preparing these herbal formulas to share with our customers, and hope they support the rising needs of these ever-changing times.

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