Happy Summer Solstice

June 2022

☀️☀️ HAPPY SOLSTICE!! ☀️☀️

Tuesday, June 21st marks the first day of SUMMER and the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. 

The Life Giving Sun is celebrated all over the world with various traditions, like fire festivals, song circles and dance ceremonies.

Monuments like the great pyramids and Stonehenge were built to measure time and so the four markers of the season—summer and winter solstices, fall and spring equinoxes—could be pinpointed.

It is a potent time of manifestation through self-reflection. Our dear friend Clara Roberts-Oss has curated a beautiful SUMMER SOLSTICE YOGA PLAYLIST that includes a variety of classes and a nourishing notebook filled with rituals and insights.

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Crunchy Keto croutons and crisp romaine lettuce with garlic scapes

As our gardens slowly begin to bloom, this recipe will surely become a Summer staple. Romaine lettuce grows well in a cooler climate (which we are certainly experiencing on the West Coast)
Egg & oil free with crunchy Gluten Free, Keto Croutons ~ when you want a salad as a meal, look no further!
WATCH our Kitchen Dance making this simple Summer Meal.

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