JUST ADD WATER ~ Our Keto U Bake Rebrand

Connecting water to hOMe

At hOMe Grown Living Foods, we are perpetually immersed in & inspired by Nature. Our Factory is nestled in the rainforest of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. WATER plays a vital role in every facet of our lives as well as in the creation of our products.

Since the beginning of hOMe Grown Living Foods, water has played a fundamental role in our process. We soak our nuts & seeds to release digestive inhibitors, unlock dormant nutrients and remove impurities.

Our deep well water is UV filtered with micronization (reducing the size of a solid particle.) Our location allows us access to the Lake Cowichan water shed and Meades Creek that runs along the property line at hOMe Grown.

We believe in the importance of increasing exposure to water through drinking pure, ionized water and daily saturation if possible. Ocean, lake, bath, whatever gets you immersed. Both our Founders are dedicated ocean surfers and lake swimmers and that fuels this enterprise from it’s very core.

Mastering Diabetes

Head Alchemist and Momma Bear, Shani has been experimenting with the MASTERING DIABETES protocol, perpetually on the quest to improve her health while living with type 1 diabetes. This approach uses a low fat, plant based, whole food approach to nutrition.

While still believing in and living a low carb lifestyle, Shani has been successfully omitting oil from her diet.

This naturally guided her to experiment with all the Keto U Bake products and the results without adding oil have proved to be superior, both in taste & texture.

This has led to the imminent Rebrand of our Keto U Bake products

Just add WATER!!

We have also concluded that not everyone is looking for Keto Friendly products and this is just one of the key attributes to these baking mixes.

They are GLUTEN FREE * FLOUR FREE * NUT FREE * ORGANIC * SPROUTED * PLANT BASED & above all else, they are EASY!!! Everyone is looking for Easy, right?


EASY U BAKE ~ Just add water

U-bake mix group shot

Formulated for guaranteed success and optimal health, we created these whole food baking mixes to get you rocking in the kitchen regardless of dietary or time restrictions.

If you are wondering if they are still Keto friendly? the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!! Layer on as much or as many healthy fats as you like!

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