Giving Back: Blue Friday for Ocean Sustainability

In 2021, we were proud to participate in BLUE FRIDAY We feel a great synergry with them, as we share their enthusiasm towards ocean sustainability. They have partnered with an extensive list of brands who are doing their part in bringing awareness to ocean conservation.


To change the conversation and give people the ability to still shop and also make a positive impact.

How do they help ocean sustainability?

Blue Friday is a collaboration of brands and consumers working together to use business for good. Every year on “Black Friday” the participating brands pledge to donate 15-50% to a jointly selected Ocean based cause.

In 2019/2020 they raised enough to install two Seabins in Victoria, removing over 4.5 tonnes of marine waste since then. After they collect the debris, they study it and found that a majority of the waste was styrofoam from docks. This year they have shifted their focus towards the source of the problem.

This year they are striving to raise $12,000 to replace the EPS foam dock at First Street Marina in Tofino. EPS encapsulated docks are responsible for an estimated 40-80% Pacific Coast Marine debris. After learning through two years of data off the Seabins, Blue Friday is going to the source of the problem.

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How can you participate?

By shopping from their extensive list of BRANDS on November 26th, you are supporting ocean sustainability, as well as local businesses!

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