Spring Matcha Elixir

Creamy, vibrant green and energizing, this Matcha green tea elixir is full of healthy fats and super foods to charge your day. With cacao & coconut butter, the mind is nourished and a healthy dose of collagen, medicinal mushrooms and maca fortify the whole body!


Serves 2


4 cups hot water @ 185 degrees

8 cacao butter wafers or 3 Tbsp

2 Tbsp coconut butter

1 Tbsp maca

1 Tbsp moringa powder

1 Tbsp collagen

1 tsp matcha green tea

1/2 tsp medicinal mushrooms

Pinch of vanilla powder

2-3 drops of stevia or sweetener of your choice ~ optional

Mindful Preparation:

  1. Combine everything in a high powered blender and whip to a frothy consistency.
  2. Serve right away OR refrigerate and enjoy as a matcha pudding

All the super foods are optional. Use what you like and mix it up!

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