Where it all Began

Apple Harvest at hOMe
Apple Harvest at hOMe

Shani’s Story

It has been a great honour to be at the helm of the hOMe Grown Living Foods Ship since our conception in 2008. What started as a genuine desire to share my lifestyle and provide space for deep nourishment has evolved over the past 10 years into more than I could have imagined.

Where did it Begin?

My upbringing was not uncommon. With hard working middle classed parents, a strong work ethic was imbedded in me from a young age. Being raised to follow in my mother’s foot steps no longer made sense when she died an untimely death, I was 18 years old!

This is where my journey began…..her pearls of wisdom echoed in my psyche throughout my young adulthood ~ ‘Always do your Best.’ & ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated.’ Armed with these Mantras and a deep desire to expand my horizons, I dove into the Healing Arts by way of Massage Therapy.

Finding my way to the Mat

Through a lifetime of competitive sports, injuries were inevitable. This led me to the Yoga Mat where I discovered the Power of Breath and slowly began to unwind long held patterns in my emotional and physical body.

Type 1 Diabetes

At the age of 33, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This encouraged a deeper understanding of the alchemy of food and how it affects our bodies. As an avid Surfer, Yogi and Outdoor Enthusiast, I was on the search for healthy On-The-Go snacks and could not find anything that met my dietary needs. So I started hOMe Grown Living Foods. When the world hands you lemons, make the best homemade probiotic Lemonade without refined sugar and share it with the world!

The Culinary Journey

At a very young age in an attempt to assert myself, I chose not to eat meat. Quickly my Momma schooled me to start cooking for myself.

Cooking Disasters @ 10years old = Dinner Parties @ 20 years old = Catering @ 28 years old = Creating hOMe Grown Living Foods @ 35 years old ~ THANKS MOM for instigating my Foodie Ways so young!

I believe that Food is Medicine and Live to Encourage Healthy Choices.


Life on the Farm

Moving to the forest of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in 2000, with my life partner Willy Mc Bride, sparked the inspiration to share this lifestyle and the gifts I have cultivated and Milagro Retreats was born in 2002. We hosted international Retreat and Catered around the globe for 16 years, providing Deep Nourishment on many levels.

In 2008 hOMe Grown Living Foods sprouted through the Retreats and a Food Revolution has been happening here ever since.

My wish is to Inspire you to Nourish your body, Always do your Best and Treat others as you wish to be treated.

As I dive further into Life on the FARM, I bow with Gratitude for the opportunity to be Rooted in Nature with hands in the DIRT ~ my true self therapy. Momma would be proud!

With Deep Reverence for this Miraculous Life,

Shani Cranston


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