Turmeric Pumpkin Hemp MUNCHeez

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Savoury Salad Topper & Grab ‘n Go Snack

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Grab & Go Whole Food Nourishment to fuel your Thriving Lifestyle!

The perfect high protein savoury snack that is addictive straight from the bag or to embellish your soup or salad!

Made with our unique Double Dried process. First we activate the pumpkin and sunflower seeds by soaking them to release digestive inhibitors, bringing them to life and making their unique nutrients much more bio available.

Then we slow dry these at low temperatures before we slather them with the prefect blend of medicinal ingredients and slow dry one more time. This ensures a crispy shelf stable flavour sensation!!

Ingredients: *Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, *Sprouted Buckwheat Groats, *Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, *Hemp Seeds, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, *Dates, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Turmeric, *Curry Powder, *Cayenne, Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt


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5 reviews for Turmeric Pumpkin Hemp MUNCHeez

  1. M

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    Wow! These MUNCHeez are soooooooooooo tasty! Love the crunch & texture and the blend of pungent & piquant flavours. Love eating it as is but this would be fantastic on the squash soup I plan to make this weekend. Thanks Shani & Willy for a true super snack :^)

  2. J

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    I usually prepare my own snack foods from scratch, but I decided to try out the Turmeric Pumpkin Hemp MUNCHeez with my last order, and all I can say is, “Yum, yum, yum!” I have no trouble recommending this tasty and nutritious snacking or topping food!

  3. D

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    I think I have started a healthy new “addiction” to this topper. It is great on salads or a snack by the handful. Well done.

  4. L

    Reviewed by:


    Whoever comes up with these mixes is brilliant! This one is a particular favourite of mine because it isn’t heavy – the spicing is subtle but yummy and healthy. I sprinkle it on salads, steamed veggies, grains…or just eat straight out of the bag. I am buying the bigger size and keeping what I don’t need immediately in the freezer. I like buying bigger sizes so I don’t have to order as often. And this is always so fresh.

  5. N

    Reviewed by:


    Seriously the BEST salad topper I’ve ever had. I also like having them in a little bowl to nibble as I cook. MMM.

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