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We have chosen to support YOGA OUTREACH VANCOUVER. Their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion aligns with our values at hOMe Grown Living Foods. 

What does Yoga Outreach Vancouver do?

They offer trauma informed yoga classes as well as training for instructors of trauma informed yoga. 

They also offer events such as yoga for neurodivergent folks and other online workshops. Through their training program and partners, they have been able to offer over 1000 trauma informed yoga classes.

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What is trauma informed yoga? 

After experiencing trauma or abuse many people feel disconnected with their bodies. YOGA OUTREACH VANCOUVER offers a safe, welcoming environment where people can begin to reconnect with their bodies through yoga. 

At Yoga Outreach they create a welcoming space by offering choices to participants. They guaranteeing there are no hands-on assists, and provide opportunities for participants to get curious about sensation.


To expand access to trauma informed yoga programs and support healing and connection.


Yoga Outreach believes in the diversity of experiences, ideas, individuals, and organisations in our community makes us stronger. To create a more just and engaged world, we must embrace and celebrate diversity, practice inclusion, and be a champion of equity. 

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How can you get involved?

Are you are looking to give back to your community or are passionate about making a positive impact in people’s lives? You may be interested in becoming a trauma informed yoga instructor APPLY HERE

Are you are still interested in being involved, but do not wish to teach? There are many opportunities to help with funding, marketing, communications and community outreach APPLY HERE.

In a time of increased social isolation they also accept DONATIONS, which helps them to run their online classes providing people a space to connect with their bodies and communities. 

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