Giving Back: David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki Foundation logo. "One nature"

We are very passionate about Canadian sustainability at hOMe Grown Living Foods. We do what we can in our work and personal lives to make positive impacts on the environment.

The DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION is a Canadian, non-profit organization that is working to save and protect our natural environment. They work with all levels of government, businesses, and individuals to help create a more sustainable Canada. They use research, education, and political investigation to achieve these goals.


To protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life now, and for the future.


That we act every day on the understanding that we are one with nature. 

The foundation is one of the most trust-worthy sources of environmental information in Canada. They are working with the government and businesses to resolve critical environmental issues. They also promote the idea that we should be pushing for stronger ecological goals.

As we are beginning to see the effects of climate change, it is important that we all try our hardest to help Mother Nature. Through our business we hope to bring awareness to important climate issues and support business that are doing the same.

What are their main sustainable focuses?

  1. Climate solutions: Working towards the future goal of eliminating carbon pollution and using 100% renewable energy.
  2. Thriving nature: Conserve and restore nature so that it supports biodiversity.
  3. Sustainable communities: reduce our ecological footprint and live within Earth’s finite limits. 

Canadian sustainability is something that we hope to raise awareness for. That is the reason we believe in the David Suzuki Foundation as a non-profit organisation. On their webpage, they have many articles and stories on sustainability.

How can you help?

Go HERE to check out more sustainable companies and charities that we support!

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