Giving Back: Rainbow Kitchen

We have chosen to donate to RAINBOW KITCHEN  because at hOMe Grown Living Foods believe that everyone should have access to a warm and nutritious meal. 


To provide food security and access to resources to all that they welcome through effective community partnerships. 


To fill bellies and feed souls in the communities they serve.


Starting back in 2001, parishioners from a small Anglican Church provided free coffee, tea and sandwiches once a week. In 2010, they were established as a charity and today they provide hot meals to those in need. As well as facilitating food sharing to those in need. 

What do they do?

They specialise in providing delicious meals and connecting the community to resources. Everyone is welcome and there are no questions asked. A year ago they launched their School meal program, feeding 1000 meals to students and staff. They also rescue food from stores, farmers and wholesalers and distribute it to people in need.

What can you do to help?

Rainbow Kitchen accepts lots of non-perishable donations. They also accept financial DONATIONS.

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