Drishti Point Spring Yoga Retreat Menu

Our Catering Season was off to an Inspiring start this past weekend. We were invited to nourish students of Farah Moojli Nazaral at Drishti Point  & Veronica Vukusic for their Spring Retreat at Xenia Retreat Centre on Bowen Island. We were asked to create a Vegan and Nut Free Menu and had fun with this challenge.

Our Vegan Menus are usually rich in Sprouted nuts for the protein source. However, this menu reflected a late start to Spring with Nettles and Chickweed infusing most meals, and protein came from sprouted seeds and hemp. YUM YUM!!!


Dinner ~ Emerald City Soup, Roasted Yam & Millet Patties w/Cilantro Hemp Pesto, Bodacious Beet Salad & Blue Roots Farm Aquaponic Greens w/ Hollyhock Dressing

Dessert ~ hOMe Grown CHOCO Livies w/ Coconut Whip Cream


Breakfast Gathering Place Chai, Cinnamon RAWgles w/Tahini & Apple Slices, hOMe Grown BUCKwheaties, Homemade Hemp Milk

Lunch ~ Vegan Wild Nettle, Purple Osaka Mustard & Chantrelle Mushroom Spanakopitas, Greek Red Lentil Soup, Lemon Quinoa Tabouleh Salad, Blue Roots Farm Aquaponic Greens w/ Green Goddess Dressing

Dinner ~ Coconut Curry, Eggplant Bharta, Pappadums w/ Tamarind Mint Chutney, Brown Basmati and Blue Roots Farm Aquaponic Greens w/ Maple Balsamic Dressing

Dessert ~ Gluten Free Seasonal Fruit Crumble w/ COCO Whip


Breakfast ~  Gathering Place ChaiLife Changing Bread w/ Ghee & Chia Pudding

12:30pm Lunch ~ Mermaid Miso Soup, Chipotle Hemp RAWgles w/ Pumpkin Seed Pate, Forbidden Black Rice Salad, Blue Roots Farm Aquaponic Greens w/ Pesto Dressing

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