Aspiring Towards a Balanced Life

I was recently asked to speak about Self Care and how to live a Balanced Life. Who Me? Seriously? Sometimes I feel like a Fish out of Water or like I am swimming upstream. But then I remember a few simple approaches that I have in my back pocket and Voila ~

Back to the FLOW I GO……..

I believe that when we replenish the Well Within, we are able to be more present and of service to our Family, Friends and Community.

We are constantly bombarded with the demands of being human. How can we HONOUR ourselves and create a more RESILIENT approach to this Dance of LIFE?

SLEEP ~ It is scientifically proven that sleep is the ultimate rejuvenator. It allows us to replenish on a cellular level. Other possible benefits include: improved memory, reduced inflammation, improved creativity, strengthened immunity, stress reliever and so much more ~ Nighty Night!!!

WHOLE FOOD DIET ~ We are what we EAT!! When you commit to a Whole Food Diet, you are Loving yourselves from the inside out. With access to foods from all over the world year round, we are lured by choices beyond seasonally available Goodness. I believe in learning what fuels your own temple and trying to keep it organic and locally grown whenever possible.

BREATH ~ A full body conscious breath can dissolve stress & tension, both physically and mentally. It can increase digestion, improve the quality of your blood, be a natural pain killer, expand your lung capacity and stamina…to name a few of the many benefits.

MOVEMENT ~ I love the saying ‘Move it or Loose it!’ Daily exercise is proven to increase your human longevity potential. It improves your endurance, flexibility, strength and balance. It can also help prevent chronic diseases.

TIME IN NATURE ~ Committing yourself to time in nature daily will increase your Vitamin D intake, vitality and stamina. Being outside can relieve stress, reduce inflammation, restore mental energy and improve short term memory. When you take Deep Breath and Movement outside, the benefits are compounded.

STILLNESS ~ Allowing time to integrate and absorb all that you have gathered from a place of stillness, allows you to cultivate more Empathy towards others and yourself. Compassion is an endearing quality to embrace and brings us back to being present with our Loved Ones.

These are all common simple suggestions that I hope can serve as reminders to Nourish Yourselves so that you can Nourish Others and Live a Balanced Life.

Forests of LOVE,


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