June on the Farm

Sprouted Nuts and Seeds
Howdy & Happy New Moon!


As we explore ways of serving you better, we are experimenting with shipping costs through our ON LINE STORE.

Originally, when faced with the decision to raise our prices to absorb shipping expenses OR be transparent and pass this cost on directly to you, we chose transparency, because this is one of our Core Values!

However,  many of you have reached out to let us know that Shipping Charges are stopping you from placing your order ~ No Bueno!

Until the end of June, we are offering our Canadian Customers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. This experiment will help us gather more data to assess what is the best option moving forward!

We value your support and are deeply honoured to provide Organic Whole Food Sprouted Nourishment right to your hOMe!

What is a RAWgle?

A Living Bagel of course! One of our original product lines and still a favourite. These Gluten & Grain Free Cracker meets Flatbread satisfy on many levels.

Apple Cinnamon are the prefect base for nut butters and fresh fruit.
Chipotle Hemp are divine with Guacamole!
Almond Rosemary are a gourmet ‘vehicle’ for any dip or spread.
Perfect for camping and meals on the Go!

It is truly an honour to provide deep nourishment from our forested paradise. We have slowly built our facility, one shipping container at a time and as we celebrate 10 Years of Service, we bow with Gratitude!

Shani & Willy


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