Summer Love



Howdy from the Farm where we are experiencing an exceptional Summer Season. The heat wave has us embracing Lake Time and a slower approach to both life and work.

As we celebrate 10 Years as Purveyors of Sprouted High Vibe Magic, we are deep into a rebranding project and are super excited to share with you soon!

You asked, and we listened. We have reimplemented our Free Shipping incentive in B.C. and Alberta. Spend $100 and we will cover this at no extra cost to you. Sorry to our customers from further abroad, shipping charges will apply and you have many choices at the check out.

Thanking you for your Support along the way, we are offering 10% off your next on line order of hOMe Grown packaged and BULK until the end of July. Simply use the code 10years at the check out to save.

We love nourishing you direct from hOMe with the freshest bio available organic snacks and pantry staples!

We are so excited to bring you the BEST Certified Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds! These Heirloom beauties are grown in the Willamette Valley in Oregon by our friends at Autumn Seed. They work with the entire supply chain from the growers in the field direct to us at hOMe to assure the freshest high quality nutritional snack~ you are gonna LOVE them!


We received requests for Sprouted Brazil Nuts and have patiently waited for a fresh harvest to arrive. WOW ~ the difference in texture and taste is remarkable. Conflicting research has us debating the best process. We experimented and decided on a 6 hour soak and 30 hours of dehydrating. Try them pulsed in your food processor with fresh garlic and sprinkle this decadent Sprouted Cheeze on your salads. It will keep for weeks in the fridge!

Tri Coloured Quinoa has also joined our BULK Pantry Staples Aisle. We have been using this gorgeous pseudo-grain on our Catering Menus for a long time and encourage you to play with it in your own culinary flow. It adds colour and a wide array of nutrients to any meal. Being a complete plant-based protein makes it a winner for all our Vegan friends!

Wishing you all an Abudant Joyful Summer Season filled with Laughter and Hammock Time!

Shani, Willy and the hOMe Grown Tribe


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