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new product look

New Look! hOMe Grown Package is Getting a Makeover

With Spring in the air, we are launching a new look for our KETO U Bake products. To help us move through our existing packaging, we are sharing a Case Lot Sale with you! Order 11 bags of our Cookies, Burgers, Crackers or Pizza Crusts and receive a 12th FREE!!! Buy 7 Breads get you an 8th FREE!! 

If you already love any of these products, now is the perfect time to stock your pantry! 

golden goji granola

Golden Goji Granola

The first HGLF product we ever made. Served as part of every breakfast on Milagro Retreats, this simple to make Granola has been a most requested recipe over the years. We have made it even easier for you by creating a curated
GRANOLA BOX with most of the ingredients you need to make multiple batches. 


New Product Alert!!

Sprouted Organic USA Grown Pistachio Nuts. The newest addition to our Keto Friendly Sprouted Nuts and Seeds! Activated by soaking to release digestive inhibitors, minimize lectins and phytic acid. Then dehydrated at low temperatures until crispy and shelf stable.

Beyond DELICIOUS and highly addictive!

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