The Granola Box

Organic, Sprouted, Gluten & Grain Free!

$ 110.00 $ 99.00

This box is filled with ingredients to make multiple batches of THE BEST homemade Sprouted Granola.

With this RECIPE all you will need is GF oats, maple syrup, healthy oil, vanilla & cardamom.

Coconut is a nice addition.

You save a few $$ too!!!

1 Lb Sprouted Buckwheat Groats

1 Lb Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

1 Lb Sprouted Sunflower Seeeds

1 Lb Sprouted Walnuts

1 Lb Sprouted Cashews

1 Lb Goji Berries

1 Lb Mulberries

50 grams True Cinnamon

1 Lb Sea Salt 


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    I’ve been a granola fan my whole life and the Home Grown granola is the best I’ve ever eaten. I missed it when it was no longer available as a packaged product and could literally call up that flavour memory at any time and salivate over that.

    Something special about the combination of maple, buckwheat groats, cardamom and pecans. So divine! I’m happy to see that I can now make this at home with the ‘granola box’. Even when I only have some of the ingredients in my pantry, I can make a version of it and it’s still amazing. This was my first time cooking it in a dehydrator and I finally got those nice chunky snack size pieces I couldn’t get in my oven version. Just popped it before we went to bed and perfect granola ready to eat by breakfast!

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