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Hemp Chia Cranberry Cereal

1 Lb

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Nut Free Cereal Meets Trail Mix ~ Clustered with Sprouted Chia and Flax, brimming with slow digesting protein, omega 3’s, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to sustain an active lifestyle. The perfect way to start your DAY or enjoy straight from the bag for the ultimate Snack-on-the GO!

Ingredients: *Sprouted Buckwheat Groats, *Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, *Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, *B.C. Grown Apples, *Hemp Seeds, *Dates, *Oranges, *Sprouted Flax, *Sprouted Chia, *Cranberries (apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil – less than 1%), *True Cinnamon, *Nutmeg, Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt, *Vanilla, *Essential Oils of Orange & Lemon


Suggested Use: Layer with Tree Island Yogurt & fresh berries for a Gourmet Parfait


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6 reviews for BUCKwheaties

  1. A

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    I have these for breakfast with homemade almond milk (almonds from Homegrown) so delicious!

  2. J

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    YUM!! I love these delicious bites of BUCKwheaties in my fruit/yogurt bowl. They are the perfect amount of crunch and just so much nutrition packed into such an amazing flavor. Way better than any granola I have ever tasted.

  3. M

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    And who said you shouldn’t have cereal for breakfast? But this “cereal” is real food that HGLF has made easy, nutritious and delicious to eat – thanks again for an excellent product, love it with real yogurt (or kefir) and locally grown berries 🙂

  4. J

    Reviewed by: (verified owner)


    Super tasty for breakfast – I put it with yogurt or some oat milk.. Yum!

  5. R

    Reviewed by:


    hOMe Grown is the best quality food shipped to our door I have ever found. Every one of these products is delicious, activated, high vibration and the prices are generous for what we receive in exchange. We order every month, for home and for travel. Much rather have a good stash of hOMe grown instead of the food that is served on an airplane.
    Thank you for feeding my beloveds and I with pure goodness from the heart <3

  6. R

    Reviewed by:



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