Goji Berries

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Certified Organic ~ Grown in Tibet

1 Lb


$ 22.00

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Goji Berries are an antioxidant powerhouse! Packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants, they provide a number of important nutrients, including complex carbohydrates and complete proteins.

Goji Berries taste like a cross between cranberries and cherries and can be used like any dried fruit. Adding a nutrient boost to your day!

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3 reviews for Goji Berries

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    These goji berries are fresh and tasty and nice to add to oatmeal, salads and high in nutrients.

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    These are the freshest and tastiest and delightfully crispy goji berries that we have sampled. Extra bonus was that we put some in the ground and now have four little goji berry bushes started proving that they were indeed living foods.

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