Our Company Credo

Home Grown Company Credo


We believe Health is our greatest Wealth

We believe in Living in the Moment

We believe in a Resilient Local Food System

We believe in a Healthy Life /Work Balance

We believe Time in the Forest & Ocean is Deep Medicine

We believe that we Reap what we Sow

We believe LOVE will Prevail

We believe in the Healing power of Mother Nature

We believe Time is our most Precious Commodity

We believe Food is Medicine

We believe in Living with the Cycles of the Moon

We believe in Dancing like no one is watching

We believe Clarity is a Powerful Tool

We believe Wisdom comes with Time & Experience

We believe in YOU

Home Grown Living Foods Farm
Home Grown Living Foods Pioneers

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  1. Rob says:

    Nice to read and feel authenticity in your words.

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