The Keto U Bake Bread Box

Organic, Nut Free, Gluten & Grain Free!

$ 95.00 $ 85.50

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This box is filled with all the ingredients you need to make our Keto U Bake Bread & Buns.

You get both PUMPKIN & SUNFLOWER Breads & all the ingredients you need to make this BREAD  again & again from scratch

JUST ADD WATER ?shape & bake to make these ultra healthy Low Carb treats.

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Sunflower Chia Bread & Buns

Pumpkin Chia Bread & Buns

1 Lb Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

I Lb Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

1 Lb Psyllium

1 Lb Sprouted Flax

1 Lb Sprouted Chia

1 Lb Pure Ocean Aquifer Sea Salt


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